“Sisters” Rose


Sight : Light salmon flesh colour

Nose : Strawberry, cherry, and mango with a hint of ginger spice.

Palate : Fresh wild strawberries and a dash of sweet at the front and minerality with a long finish at the back.

Blend :  2020 VIDAL : 98% ~ 2019 MARQUETTE : 2%

$20.00 / 750mL


E.S JOHNSTON FARM is located within the far North of the Huron Shores Growing Region. The vines are strategically situated within a unique soil type where part of the vineyard is located on the slopes of a decommissioned Gravel Pit. This adds minerality, strengthens the root systems of the Plants and retains heat during cooler days. The soil pH is naturally high. Vidal is known for being developed into “Ice Wine” – this high yielding grape can produce high sugar levels at harvest even in cooler climates – and when coupled with it’s fresh acidic character – can be a fantastic still wine or the backbone in a blend. Case in point here, finished Marquette wine was blended in at 2% Volume of the finished Vidal wine for colour and for a delicate and enhanced raspberry note on the nose.

Of the 3 main Rose production methods (skin contact, saignée, and blending) ; we chose blending. *** “Sisters” Rose is able to carry a 2020 Vintage as Ontario Wine Law states : A vintage-dated wine shall be produced from grapes at least 85 per cent of which are grown in the specified vintage year ***

Blend :  2020 VIDAL : 98% ~ 2019 MARQUETTE : 2%


PDF : 2020 Rose Spec. Sheet

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